Le Marché/ French Garden/ Fruit & Vegetable Supplier

Le Marché Limited are not a supplier, we’re a very exclusive club - the ‘One Hundred Club’ if you like - and it’s one you’re going to want to be part of.

Think of us as the catering world’s answer to the FTSE 100, an amalgamation of the very best of old and new, resulting in a bespoke service totally different to anything else out there and we want YOUR order because you’re the best.

Ben Cartwright and Marcus Rowlerson work side by side with their efficient team, fulfilling orders for the cream of London’s dining establishments, only serving the best out there with the finest produce Le Marché Limited can source.

Ben is an accomplished, customer-focused individual with over eighteen years' experience in catering, hospitality and food service. He spent eight of them fruitfully working with the country’s top chefs, nurturing relationships and providing a bespoke range of sales from Rungis International Market. This experience, built on a lifelong passion for food and close involvement with catering establishments renders him a wonderful asset to Le Marché Limited.

Marcus brings with him a wealth of experience in the industry, earned at the esteemed and reputable specialist caterer John Connell. He spent more than 30 years with the exclusive delivery service, becoming a partner in 1993 then, twenty one years later, moving with the company to join The French Garden family. The esteemed John Connell was one of the oldest names in New Covent Garden with roots dating back as far as the 1700s.

Together they have merged the businesses and their experience and rebranded as Le Marché Limited to accept the most exclusive orders in London from the best of the best in the business.

London Fresh/ French Garden/ Fruit & Vegetable Supplier
London Fresh/ French Garden/ Fruit & Vegetable Supplier
London Fresh/ French Garden/ Fruit & Vegetable Supplier
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