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French Garden are the UK's leading importer and distributer of specialist fruit and vegetables. Long established relationships with Europe's leading wholesale markets, particuarly Rungis and Milan, and the best growers in France and the rest of Europe enable us to offer an unrivaled range of the very finest fresh produce.

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The Market Report has evolved!


Ladies and Gentleman, esteemed buyers, restaurant owners, aspiring chefs, fellow wholesalers and anybody else looking for their monthly fix of the finest fruit and vegetables on the planet, we proudly present the 'French Garden Times.'

What’s the one thing the Telegraph, the Times and the Independent have in common?  "They’re great newspapers" we hear you say?  They sure are if boring subjects like weather, sport and politics are your thing, but what do these long established broadsheets know about the exciting world of fruit and vegetables?  Well, we’ll tell you…………absolutely nothing - which is why we decided to create the French Garden Times!  

A Newspaper dedicated only to fruit and vegetables.  In it you'll find up to date, up to the minute information about amazing fruit and vegetables.  What’s hot, what’s not and everything else in between. It’s the one and only 'French Garden Times,' yours to keep every month, only from the French Garden and priced at only £0.00p........enjoy!


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The only UK Supplier with a purpose built depot, right in the heart of Rungis Market, Paris.  The availability and diversity of their products are simply unmatched in this industry



If you’ve eaten at any of Britain’s leading restaurants in the past twenty five years chances are you’ve enjoyed ingredients provided by French Garden 





If the best way to judge a supplier is by the company they keep, then the French Garden set the bar.  We wouldnt entertain any other supplier.  Day in day out, fifty-two weeks a year, they never let you down.